Rebel Futures Limited was formed in 2002 by Paul Stringer and Katie Lips and has a long history of delivering ground-breaking innovation in the digital space.

Rebel Products

In 2004, the company launched Treasuremytext which went onto become an award-winning first to market SMS archive which treasured many millions of messages for users all over the world. Rebel Futures was also the brain behind the award-winning mobile app start-up Little World Gifts in 2009-10.

Rebel Consulting

In 2016, Rebel Futures focussed on Tech for Good, and on developing services to protect consumer data online. The company worked with world-leading clients in the information and cyber security space (Tech Against Terrorism, The Cyber Helpline) , as well as with leading brands and consultancies to devise and create best in class consumer digital services. (We worked with Ogilvy Consulting, Pfizer, Telefonica Alpha, & BCG).

Rebel Futures

Since the start of 2022, we are focussed on bringing digital innovation to the publishing space. There’s so much to do here to help content creators connect with their audience: we’re just getting started!