Message Received

Treasuremytext has now closed. Our first project, Treasuremytext was launched in 2003 and since then treasured more than 14 Million text messages for our users around the world.

Times and technology have changed and the time came to say goodbye. Thank you to every single user for trusting Treasuremytext with their private and personal messages.

The Treasuremytext Story

In 2003, not everyone had a mobile phone and no one, (like really, no one) had a smart phone.

Mobile phones were great for voice calls and texting but were short on storage space, and while you may find this hard to believe, many phones only allowed you to keep a limited number of text messages. My phone could only keep 10. Every time I received a new message I would have to delete an old one to make room for it.

This was a problem for me as many of my messages were special. At the time I was texting my boyfriend a lot; we both found it super annoying we had to delete other messages to make room for our relationship. So we thought about how we might find a solution; we both worked in tech so we came up with the idea of simply moving mobile messages to the web where there was more room to keep stuff (and do other cool stuff too like add notes and organise messages). So we set about making Treasuremytext in 2003, launched it late that year and were pleased to see other people really valued the service and wanted to keep their messages safe too. Treasuremytext let you forward a message to a mobile phone number (we used short codes for a while) and once received, those messages would be saved online where you’d be able to login and view them, add notes, organise them into folders, and let other people see them too if you wished.

Many of our users used it to keep a record of their treasured SMS messages for posterity, because those messages were special. Many kept relationship type messages, many kept messages from friends, and a smaller percentage of our users used it to keep a record of important stuff.

The service was free with some paid features and we hoped to make a successful business out of it. Over the years, Paul and I learnt a huge amount about turning an idea into a product into a tech startup and supporting users around the world. We won awards, developed partnerships and improved the product to keep our users happy. The service has stored many millions of messages since its inception. 

Over time, of course the world of mobile changed has changed dramatically. In 2007 Apple launched the iPhone and we thought that was the end for our little service. It was’t however, as many people took many more years to get a smartphone and lots of people still felt that saving important or cherished mobile content online was a good idea. 

I will always be proud of what we made and how it helped lots of people from around the world to better enjoy their SMS messages. In recent years, while supporting Treasuremytext has been a labour of love, the service has become relevant to a smaller and smaller group of people, and as we are not able to monetise it, we have taken the decision to close the service.

Treasuremytext has been a part of my life since 2003, so the decision to close it wasn’t taken lightly. For me though, it is most definitely a story with a happy ending; Paul and I are still together, we got married in 2011 and we still work in tech trying to make the digital world better for everyone. 

Thank you to all our users, collaborators and supporters, for being part of the story.

Katie Lips, Founder, Treasuremytext™️